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Hello friend, GODFREY Kuteesa here……………………ESCORT SERVICE NO MORE!!

Thank you for visiting my blog. By this time, I believe you well know what I have done and where I have been in terms of sexual exploitation. For a person like me who ran the best Escort Service in Uganda, Organized Sex Orgies and moved on to creating the only Online Cybersex account in East Africa, I owe my life to Jesus Christ. If you’ve not heard about my testimony in detail, sorry but if you have, you must know what I mean. If it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. God’s so merciful and full of compassion. To you I must seem to be the dirtiest person you can think of but to Him (God) I am His weapon He’s going to use in these end times to fight a very serious problem that is eating-up this world. “Pornography & Hyper -sexuality” It is everywhere. Church, Mosques, Fellowships and even to those who do not believe at all. After 4 years of participating in this, I came to realize that Sex is no longer “Sex”.

The devil has turned it the other way round. Men want to sleep with men, Women want to sleep with fellow women, the married couples hate each other after either party being addicted to porn. What’s going going-on?  Today close to 87 % of men do masturbate/ejaculate in dark corners instead of finding pleasure in sexual intercourse. Today close to 57 women either masturbate or use artificial sexual organs just to satisfy themselves. Marriage in on a high decline and divorce is everywhere. This is because of the PORN CULTURE. If we don’t do enough, and pray, Uganda is increasingly becoming a PORN-LAND. Men & Women have been PORNOGRAPHISED and it is affecting everyone. Either you watch it or not. I remember before I gave-up with Sex Orgies, I could get close to 14716 users on my blog. Men & Women enjoyed what I posted. This shows how much our society has been corrupted. To know more about my recent dirty works click the links below.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg6-Q_i3Uvs    (I wish I could take back everything I said in this programme)


But that’s not the end of the world. GOD delivered me so that I can unveil the nakedness of the devil. I am here to fight pornography and to help people addicted to Porn & Sexuality to see the reality and have a safe recovery. I will do that work without fail. My burden is to undo everything that I did in the past. To build the Kingdom of God just like I used to build the kingdom of satan. You must be reading this blog when you have got sexual weakness and you’re having trouble overcoming it. It might be masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism, Sex (can’t get enough) and pornography (dirty thoughts) addiction. None of this is more powerful than the blood of Jesus. God has more power to heal you in this and cleanse you and in addition use you to help others. It only takes you to decide and get tired of this SIN. Don’t be shy to admit that you have any of this weakness.

Being shy is what the devil uses to bind you forever and ever because you think people who know you will judge you. Trust me it’s better for people to judge you and be forgiven in GOD’S eyes.  Do you fear MAN more than GOD?????? . I keep telling people that I meet that you’ll never be healed from Sexual Immorality if you don’t publicly confess, repent and testify. The devil fears testimonies. The more you testify the more others get healed and the more you get delivered. Right now I have done my job to pass the message to you. Its now up to you and your God either to accept and turn away from Sin or to enjoy it until it drives you to death (for the wages of sin is death). I won’t judge you.  Every one of us has got our own cross to carry. I am also far from perfect but at least I know I am trying. That’s what you should do. None of us is HOLY it’s only GOD!! Don’t be afraid of people judging you. Remember nothing is too big for Him.

All sexual weakness can be overcome: masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism, Sex addiction (can’t get enough) and Pornography addiction ( including dirty thoughts). If you’re experiencing any of this, you’re not alone.

Don’t be shy to call me: 0794999978. You don’t have to walk alone.

You can join our Recovery Group which meets every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6-8pm. Fill the form below.




Posted February 12, 2014 by antipornministryug

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